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Pallet conveyor facilities


The continuous conveyors redesigned in accordance with the latest technological standards leave nothing to be desired. Müller AG Intralogistics pallet conveying elements are thoroughly Swiss quality. Long service life, good stability and extreme smooth running are guaranteed. We have solutions for every sector, clean rooms, ATEX versions or food processing environments.

  • Roller conveyors,
  • Various roller diameters and pitches
  • Various useful widths
  • Chain drive, timing belt drive or free roller conveyors
  • Various size weights
  • Carrying-chain conveyors,
  • Rotary tables,
  • Lifting tables,
  • Slide units,
  • Lifting stations,
  • Vertical transfer devices etc.)
    are used for incoming and outgoing goods.

Automatic barrel palletizing facility

tailored to your needs

Startsequenz_Automatische Fasspalettieranlage


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