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Pallet changers

  • Palettenwechsler PW 800
  • PW1000 D2
  • Umpalettierer mit Zwischenblech, einseitig
  • PW800 K
  • Palettenwechsler PW 800
  • PW1000 D2
  • Umpalettierer mit Zwischenblech, einseitig
  • PW800 K

Grey becomes white: Müller pallet changers

Hygiene zones are an essential requirement for quality production. This is why we designed the Müller pallet changer so that it integrates easily and efficiently in your operations.

  • For wooden, steel, aluminum and plastic pallets in various sizes
  • For different pallet loads, the pallet does not require a uniform loading height.
  • With side walls controlled by electrical motors.
  • Also with pushover plates for a gentle replacement of the in-house pallet with a wooden or non-standard pallet.

Flexible loading possibilities:

  • With a hand pallet truck or a fork lift
  • Semi-automatic
  • Automatic with conveyor systems

Pallet changer PW 800

Palettenwechsler PW 800

Our proven semi-automatic re-palletizer PW 800 for the replacement of the carrier pallets by means of a pushover process that preserves the product.

Pallet changer with single-side intermediate plate

Umpalettierer mit Zwischenblech, einseitig

Our proven pallet changer PW 800 now newly features the intermediate plate function. The load is first pushed on a low-friction plate and then put down smoothly on the target pallet. Palette replacement is therefore even gentler.


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Re-palettizer with lock function

PW1000 D2

The pallet changers PW 800 D1 and D2 ensure a GMP-compliant zone change of your products simultaneously with the replacement of the carrier pallet.

Startsquenz_PW800 D2


Pallet changer PW 800 D2 ZB

Palettenwechsler PW 800 D2 ZB

2-zone pallet changer with motorized side walls and intermediate plate function To allow pushing your valuable product even gentler on wooden or aluminum pallets with transverse ribs, our fully automatic pallet changer PW 800 / 1000 D2 ZB now newly features the proven intermediate plate function.

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