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Let’s meet in Stuttgart

Müller Intralogistics is looking forward to meeting you at LogiMAT 2019,19-21 February 2019! You’ll find us in Halle 3 at Stand D81.

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The constantly changing market means that intralogistics must be flexible and innovative. Processes have to be monitored and optimised continuously. It also means that you‘ll need a keen sense to identify the right products and solutions for your in-house processes from among an abundance of offerings.

At Müller Intralogistics in Münchenstein (Switzerland), we plan, construct, build and install innovative solutions in the field of support and robotic technology. Our customised systems are the drivers of automation and backup processes that aim at improving profitability. We supply both systems and components. Our company specialises in automation systems for the handling of horizontal and vertical goods and materials, the conception and realisation of new plants as well as projects in remodelling or retrofitting.

In customer service, project planning, realisation and maintenance, what matters most to us is the value to our customers. Only in this way will we achieve an individual, perfectly tailored system. Thanks to the size of our company and the experience of our employees in project management and operations, Mullers Intralogistics is in the position to take on large projects and to work flexibly, optimising costs and delivering at short notice.

  • Would you like to automate and optimise your intralogistics?
  • Are the operating hours of ground conveyance equipment/machines a significant cost in operations for you?
  • Does your flow of goods run over different floors or levels?
  • Does your process require goods to be unpalletted/kept off palletts for reasons of hygiene?
  • Do you have containers, cartons and barrels that have to be transported elsewhere?
  • Do your operating processes have many routine tasks and would you like to automate them in future?
  • Is there a standard solution for your intralogistics?
  • Would you like to ensure that your operating system is readily available for use?

Why not discuss these questions and more with Francesco Bocale (Head of Marketing & Sales) and Franz Kohler or Paul Kindt (both in Sales)? They would be happy to have a non-binding, exploratory exchange of ideas with you. Would you like to make an appointment in advance? Perhaps we could send you a free entry ticket to the event? Drop us a brief message and we’ll get back to you.

Let’s meet in Stuttgart!


Francesco Bocale
Head of Marketing & Sales
Müller AG Intralogistics
Känelmattstrasse 7, 4142 Münchenstein, Switzerland
T +41 61 416 12 75 | F +41 61 416 12 13

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